A Solid Investment

Centrepiece Residences is taking fine shape, with the last few months showing significant progress across the development.

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The final beam has been set in place - those in the industry term this milestone ‘Topping Out’ - and typically this momentous occasion calls for celebration as it marks the conclusion of this critical phase of construction, in which the concrete structure is now officially complete.


As a result, the commencement of a series of new phases can begin to unfold, including the mechanical, electrical, fire and hydraulic services being installed in the walls and ceilings of each apartment floor.

An overview from the ground up: the wall framing is rapidly taking shape with ground and first floors leading the way, primed and ready for plaster.

Floors two through five are following closely behind and are prepped for wall framing.

Windows are already being installed on ground floor, and window subhead and subsill installation has commenced on the upper floors.


From above, steel stud wall and roof members are installed on the second floor (eastern elevation) and first floor (northern elevation) in readiness for roof sheeting which is set to take place in the final weeks of August.

From below, blockwork walls have been installed on basement floors as well as retail areas on the ground floor.


Aesthetically we’ll see noticeable shifts in the coming weeks as the external cladding (including metal cladding, QT EcoClad (QT) and cementel cladding) is applied to all elevations.


Passenger lifts and the car stacker system are set to be installed early in this quarter, while commencement of the fitout of the substation is in progress, in readiness for authority works.


Within the apartments, plasterboard, wall and ceiling installations are progressing well, with seal coat finish paint applied to all plasterboard surfaces.


Waterproofing in wet areas is underway, prepping the apartments for tiling - which is also on schedule for this quarter.


Perhaps the most exciting news we’ll have to share in the coming weeks, is the completion of the ‘Prototype’ apartment - the pinnacle which sets the standard for quality, style and finish across the entire development.


Management of time-critical items has been exceptional, with procurement of long-lead items such as the passenger lift, car stacker system, windows and joinery, already successfully delivered to site.


The on-time arrival of these essential components allows for effective sequencing of services and seamless transitions between phases - ultimately delivering the most cost-effective build in the shortest timeframe possible.


Centrepiece Residences at 801 Centre Road, Bentleigh East is a development worth following, and the progressions in this quarter will be signficant.


For information on your apartment, please contact Monique Maclean on 03 8582 8972 or email her:


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MAY 2019


Centrepiece Residences setting future foundations

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A brand new multi-story development with both 3 and 6 story offerings, Centrepiece Residence is quickly rising to meet a new level of elegance in Bentleigh East.

103 luxury residential abodes will take pride of place above a collection of architecturally designed retail stores by Bruce Henderson Architects.

A residential lounge, gymnasium and expansive landscape designed by renowned Papworth Davies design add the final touches to what is set to be a true urban sanctuary.

For those curious as to what a development of this scope involves, the time-lapse video (below) captures the project from a unique perspective, offering glimpses into the depth of detail, precision and commitment required to deliver the foundations of over a hundred future dwellings.

In the three short months since our latest project update, slabs for the upper basement (B1) and ground floor (G) in the Western half have been poured; while Precast and Ritek walls and columns have been installed at ground level.

In the Eastern half all pad footings and in-ground services are now installed, and pouring of the ground slab (B2) is complete along with external stormwater works and rood reinstatements.

The pouring of the ground slab in the Western half was expertly choreographed.

In a modest 8 hour window, this large and complex slab saw over 90 concrete trucks deliver 600 cubic metres of concrete; a testament to the skill and leadership of the team on the ground.

Before the turn of the new fiscal year, level 1 (L1) of the Western half will be poured and both the ground floor (G) and upper basement slab (B1) of the Eastern half will be poured.

Astute re-sequencing by the builder has propelled the Eastern half of the project forward to run almost parallel with the Western half; a move that improves both overall efficiency and more specifically, structure cycle times.

With the concrete structure set to be completed in July, this renewed sequencing will allow for both the East and West sides of the building 'top out' in harmony.

Centrepiece Residences are now firmly established in 801 Centre Road, Bentleigh East, with 2019 seeing the development progress at an exciting rate.




The Centrepiece Residences mixed use development at 801 Centre Road Bentleigh East is progressing well.

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Since our last update in early December 2018, the following key milestones have been achieved:

  • All pad footings and in-ground services to the western half of the site are complete
  • The lower basement slab (LB2) to the western half of the site (apartment tower section) has been poured
  • Preparation of the upper basement slab (LB1) to the western half of the site has commenced, with the pouring of this slab scheduled to occur in late February
  • The tower crane has been installed, commissioned and is in operation
  • All in-ground external stormwater works have now been completed, with only road reinstatement works St Georges Avenue remaining



The following key milestones are scheduled to be achieved over the next few weeks:

  • Installation of the ground floor slab to the western half of the site (apartment tower section)
  • Continuation of the concrete structure to the western half of the site
  • Installation of external perimeter elements (precast and blockwork) to the western half of the site


It is worth noting that the ground floor slab (or transfer slab) is the most complex concrete pour in the project. It consists of a number of folds and set downs in the concrete structure, as well as being heavily reinforced to support the apartment tower levels above. As a consequence, this slab pour will take a number of weeks to complete.  Once completed, the floors to the upper levels will be a lot simpler in their construction, resulting in approved cycle times and ultimately the completion of the concrete structure to the tower at which stage is currently forecasted to for completion by middle of 2019.



Practical Completion scheduled for the first quarter of 2020.

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We are pleased to report that despite our builder having to deal with delays associated with inclement weather (which has been more than usual over the last few weeks) the following key milestones have been achieved as we turn for Christmas:

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  • The perimeter concrete capping beam that defines the basement around the site has been poured;
  • Detailed excavation is well underway, with the site fully excavated down to the base of the first basement level (LB1);
  • Approximately 240 pile stressing anchors have been installed to every second pile (or ‘hard’ pile) around the perimeter of the site,  2m below the capping beam at basement level 1 (LB1); this allows the further excavation of the site down to the second row of anchors which is just above the base of the second basement level (LB2);
  • Vertical anchors have been installed through the capping beam in the north east corner of the site, where it abuts the future development at 1 St Georges Avenue; and
  • Installation of the external stormwater works is well underway, with approximately 80m of 170m lineal metres of 300mm diameter PVC pipe installed along St Georges Avenue and a number of stormwater pits installed.

The next few weeks leading up to the Christmas shutdown period will be very busy on site, with the builder working towards achieving a number of significant milestones. Some of these milestones include:

  • Installation of the crane base and tower crane which is scheduled to occur on the 19th of December;
  • Excavation of 50% of the site (western side) down to the bottom of the second basement level (LB2);
  • Commencement of the installation of the second row of pile stressing anchors at the second basement level (LB2);
  • Commencement of in-ground services (including the installation of hydraulic pits and pipework below ground);
  • Pouring of some pad footings and the excavation of the structure core which provides the main structural stability for the building; and
  • Completion of the external stormwater works.

We look forward to providing you a further update on the exciting progress of the works early in the New Year.

In the meantime, we trust you will enjoy this short video presentation as we showcase the works we have completed over the past few months as we progress our way out of the ground at Centrepiece Residences.




The Centrepiece Residence development is underway, with construction progressing well on site.

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The builder has completed the guide wall system and is currently installing the basement retention system, with 92 of the 525 contiguous piles installed to date.

With some luck with the weather, we should have the basement retention system complete towards the end of September. This will allow the large bulk excavation to commence.

We have also seen solid progress with the major authority services diversion works and connection works. The sewer line has been successfully diverted around the site, with these works been completed on the 3rd of August.

The stormwater connection works have also commenced, with completion of this expected in September. The build time for this project is approximately 18 months.


JUNE 2018

Construction Update - June, 2018

The development team is happy to report that works are progressing well on site.

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Demolition is complete and the site is being prepared for basement piling which is due to commence in the second week of July 18.

There will be over 525 contiguous piles to be installed at an average of 12 meters in length over the next 8 weeks. These piles will retain the double basement during excavation works.

The major sewer diversion works are also tracking well and are scheduled for completion in early July 18.

The development team is excited for the months ahead as the retention and excavation works mobilise on site. You will see some major activity over the coming months with large piling (drilling) rigs on site as these works commence.

Please refer to the next pages for some site progress photos.

Also don't forget to visit our Launch Corporation Facebook page to get all the latest project updates and videos by clicking the following icon.

Should you have any general queries in regards to our project please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Joanne Arbid. Her details are below:


Contact: 1300 733 175



Construction Update - December, 2017

Thank you again for your patience as we finalise the very last stages of our construction program with our appointed builders for Centrepiece Residences.

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This project has been a little trickier to mobilise than others and we are well aware that the delays have been extremely frustrating for everyone. However, we can assure you that we are doing everything within our capabilities to speed up the process during the construction stage to make up for lost time.

We are pleased to report that the display suite has been stripped and ready for demolition. The delay for demolition commencing was attributed to the abolishment of services including Gas, Electrical and Water Meters with authorities that took over 4 months to process. These have now been all terminated and removed from the site.

We have also completed the removal of all asbestos in the buildings pursuant to the environmental auditors's report in preparation for demolition.

Demolition has finally commenced on site with the program showing all residential buildings demolished this side of the New Year. The Commercial building on the corner of Centre Road, and East Boundary Road is scheduled for demolition in the 2nd week of January 2018. Once construction commences we will arrange for quarterly updates as we get underway with building Centrepiece Residences.

As mentioned in earlier communication, Ms. Joanne Arbid is your first point of contact to assist you with any of your queries. Her details are below:


Contact: 1300 733 175